About the Trip

From May 14th through 22nd, we’ll be visiting São Paulo, Brazil, to experience church planting among college students and other young adults in one of the world’s largest cities.

Over 40 college ministers, student ministers, and other leaders – from the United States, Canada, and Australia – are immersing ourselves in the outreach taking place in this enormous city. We’re joining the members and leaders of Zoe Church in their daily adventures, whether that means exploring the city’s numerous college campuses, connecting with students, or meeting in coffee shops, restaurants, or houses.

Further, our group is being “debriefed” throughout the experience by Michael Frost, an internationally recognized expert on missional churches. He’ll be teaching several mornings, and then we’ll be applying what we learn each afternoon.

A video about the work being done in Brazil through Zoe Church:

the hope for the trip

Through this experience, we hope to

  • learn transferable strategies for reaching postmodern people anywhere
  • recognize opportunities to partner our ministries “back home” with the work taking place in São Paulo
  • better understand what effective “missional” ministry involves
  • observe and celebrate all that God is doing in this magnificent place

the blog

This blog will be used throughout the course of our trip in a few ways:

  • relating our experiences (with pictures!)
  • presenting what we learn about missional and postmodern ministry
  • sharing about the work taking place in São Paulo
  • highlighting opportunities to partner in this and other work

You can read the blog posts here, or see more about getting the most out of the blog this week.


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