keeping up with Zoe Church & the Julians

22 May

I want to really thank all of you for joining with us in São Paulo this week! The thousands of hits we’ve received on the blog have been a phenomenal encouragement, and I’m so glad you let us share our stories, our pictures, and our learnings!

There are a few more things to be added to this blog this weekend, so be sure to check back later if you’re interested in:

  • Awesome (and rather urgent) opportunities for individual students or teams of students to participate in international mission trips
  • Teaching notes from Michael Frost’s last two messages with us

By now, most of your friends and fam are on the last legs of their journeys home – or have already arrived (like me!). But the fantastic work of Zoe Church and our missionary friends, the Julians, continues! So for those of you who – like us – have been captivated by what God’s doing through Zoe Church and the Julians, you can keep up with their story!

To join the newsletter list to get a regular email about the work in São Paulo, go here to sign up:

Thanks everybody! Without the support and prayers of so many of you, this trip never would have been what it was.


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