things to ask when we’re home

21 May

If you’re reading this because you’ve got a family member, a friend, your minister, or another loved one, you’re about to get to hear first-hand all their individual color commentary on this amazing trip!

Need a handy-dandy guide for finding out the happy details of our trip? Here are some of the fun questions you can ask:

  • So how small was your hotel room?
  • Top bunk or bottom bunk?
  • Which school did you visit each day?
  • How’s your Portuguese?
  • Did you get to sleep on the plane?
  • What are you glad you packed?
  • Anything you wish you’d packed?
  • Which Zoe members did you connect with best?
  • Which Americans did you connect with best? Any new friends?
  • Did you get to go to any of the Starbucks gatherings?
  • How was the Zoe church service?
  • Did you give out any Free Hugs?
  • What was your favorite moment?
  • What was the weirdest moment?
  • What were the biggest differences between our culture and theirs?
  • What were the funniest moments?
  • What was the coolest thing you saw?
  • Did you drink… guarana, almond juice, açai juice, other interesting juices, Fanta?
  • What was your favorite weird kind of pizza from pizza night?
  • What kinds of meat – and how much – did you eat at the churrascarria?
  • Any interesting bathroom rules?
  • Which languages did you speak to get around: Portuguese, Spanish, English, other?
  • What were some spiritual conversations you had?
  • How will God use this to shape your ministry back home?
  • How will God use this to shape you?

Thanks for the help on some of these Qs from the team!


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