colégio quatro: University of São Paulo

21 May

The fourth campus that we’ve had a team at this week is the enormous University of São Paulo, a public university that happily sits adjacent to the “University City” stop on the subway. Apparently USP (which local residents cutely pronounce “oo-spee”) is one of the higher ranked colleges in the world.

I also know that this campus is big, and I’m truly quite unclear how much of it I actually explored on Thursday. (I never could find a map…) It certainly isn’t as “well-kept” as the private universities I’ve visited, and it’s also undergoing plenty of construction. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a magnificent campus, and it was a joy to explore this massively important “campus tribe.” (It’s also good to remember that “beauty” is different in different places; for instance, I know that graffiti is actually a part of São Paulo culture, so the “wall decor” below is probably very welcome.)

Of course, we’ve had a team ministering there all week. But some of our teammates also had the opportunity to observe (and potentially minster at) a large party that was being assembled Thursday night. I haven’t heard yet how that went, but it was supposedly very much a college party, organized by the Communications department, which somebody here noted is indeed a department known for being a little wild.

Some of the pictures below capture a little more of my exploration, starting with the incredible clock tower and beautiful grassy area in the center (or a center) of campus. I’ve also included pics of the various dogs that roamed the campus, the art museum in the middle of campus, the tables that provided my only opportunity to buy a USP T-shirt, and the cool courtyard within the Arts classroom complex.


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