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20 May

Ethan Lee has been one of several Americans who has been most helpful here, because of his past experiences with the Zoe Church. And it’s clear that the Zoe members are fond of this Georgia boy. I asked Ethan to share how and why he connected with Zoe the first time – and it’s how some of your students could get involved in God’s work here or around the world through the IMB.

24 million people! And 1 million college students! Coming from a small town in South Georgia, I asked myself, what have I gotten myself into? A life changing experience, that’s what!

Welcome to São Paulo, Brasil! I served here in São Paulo for 5 months as a Hands On Missionary. My journey began when I decided as a sophomore at Valdosta State University that God was calling me to serve Him through the IMB’s Hands On program.

Following God’s call, I stepped into a world of BIG city, BUSY streets, and BUSY people!

But as busy as the people of São Paulo are, I met a people group more loving and receptive than I have ever seen before. While in São Paulo, I became a part of the body of Christ known as Zoe, a church reaching out and serving the college students of São Paulo, Brasil. This included going on college campuses, meeting at coffee shops, or going wherever these students wanted to go – to be a part of their lives! I made relationships with Brasilians while serving them AND while serving along side them to reach the needs of São Paulo.

While in São Paulo, I was able to be a part of the body of Christ and follow Christ’s commands to GO and to serve! My Hands On experience is one that shaped me and taught me what it is like to serve as an international missionary, but it also taught me how to better serve the people that God has called me to serve now, back at Valdosta State University.

My question for students is similar to what I asked myself when I first came to São Paulo: “What does God want YOU to get into?”

Hands On allows students to take short-term missions opportunities all over the place! If you’re interested in knowing more about the Hands On program, just ask! Contact Mike (the head of IMB Students) via email at mlopez at

Thanks to Lesa Close for the pic.


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