colégio três: Senac

20 May

My campus-visiting not only kept moving here, on our next-to-last day, but it actually included not one but two great college campuses here in São Paulo!

The first of these treks included Senac (pronounced “sen-ak-ee”). Senac is a private – and quite impressive – school that actually has some sixty “units” scattered throughout the state. (I don’t think all those “units” would look like “campuses,” but there are at least a few of those.) My visit took me to what seems to be the central hub of all these units and campuses, Senac: Centro Universitário.

I had some help exploring this campus; Ethan, the Valdosta State student who spent a few months ministering here, clearly has a huge love for this place. And Andressa, one of our new Brazilian friends who has been attending Zoe events, is a Graphic Communications major and showed us much of the campus, too.

Here’s the Senac web page, and a description in English.

Of the campuses I visited on this trip, this was certainly the “nicest” in terms of facilities. I had heard about the large sports complex, too, and it was indeed a sight. And while the pictures can’t relay this fact, the courts and grassy area at the back of the sports complex were perhaps the quietest place I’ve been in this bustling and noisy city – an amazing little respite that, if I was a student, I’d wander to often.


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