colégio dois: Mackenzie Presbyterian University

19 May

Today I got to visit another campus: Mackenzie Presbyterian University, a 140 year-old school not too far from Downtown. And as always, I joined one of our teams, for whom Mackenzie has been “home base” for the week!

One very interesting thing we’ve learned is that the public colleges here are free! So even though, for example, the University of São Paulo is a prestigious school, students don’t have to pay.

But Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, on the other hand, is a private school, started by missionaries in 1870. Still, like all schools in Brazil, Mackenzie is not allowed to require any religious activities of its students.

Unique fact #2: Mackenzie also houses kindergarten through high school! So all across the campus, I saw little kids and high schoolers, all in school uniforms.

This was actually a really pretty campus. It’s hard to get a sense of it all at once, because of the hills. But while it’s not big (as far as I could tell), it offered a lot more exploring than the College of Law did.

More facts available at Mackenzie’s Wikipedia page.

One thing I did notice was that things “felt” more collegiate, although I certainly defer to those on the ground here. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bit more of a “student culture” among the college students at Mackenzie than at some other schools. Many of them come from wealthy families (so working may not be as necessary), and apparently many of the students live in an apartment complex nearby.

We got to eat with Andre (sitting by column), a civil engineering student at Mack.

Sports courts, with the city in the background! (It did rain today.)


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